On 12 May 1987 the INS Viraat — and emerged, to all intents and purposes, a brand-new ship — powerful, youthful and exuberant, yet deeply aware of the tradition that she embodied. With March 6 being fixed as the final retirement date for the 58-year-old aircraft carrier INS Viraat, the proposal to convert it into a museum is yet to take any shape. Once a Viraati always a Viraati. Viraat is now expected to have its decommissioning refit sometime in the middle of 2015, say sources. She started her life as an aircraft carrying cruiser named Baku. Ship has seen 18 Commanding Officers of which three went onto become Chief of Naval Staff viz Adm Madhvendra Singh, Adm Arun Prakash and Adm Nirmal Verma. Indian Navy's oldest warship INS Viraat retired today after nearly six decades in service. INS Viraat is the second aircraft carrier to be broken in India in the last six years. The announced delivery date for INS Vikramaditya was August 2008, which would allow the carrier to enter service just as the Indian Navy's only light carrier INS Viraat retires. INS Viraat, the aircraft carrier which was inducted into the Indian Navy in 1987 and decommissioned in 2017, was purchased by Shree Ram Group for a sum of Rs 38.54 crore at an auction in July this year. The Navy is keen on the rich maritime heritage of INS Viraat, which clocked well over 500,000 nautical miles for the nation, being preserved by converting the aircraft carrier into a museum. Intro- INS Viraat, the former HMS Hermes is a Centaur class STOVL aircraft carrier presently in service with the Indian navy. The Andhra Pradesh government has proposed to convert INS Viraat into a luxury hotel-cum-museum after its decommissioning. World’s longest-serving warship INS Viraat to be dismantled at Alang, sold for scrap INS Viraat is currently stationed at the Naval dockyard in Mumbai and will have to be towed to Alang. HMS Hermes INS Viraat HMS Hermes INS Viraat HMS Hermes INS Viraat. INS Vikrant (R11) (Sanskrit language: विक्रान्‍त, for courageous) (formerly HMS Hercules (R49)) was a Majestic class aircraft carrier of the Indian Navy. If you would like to help, please get in touch. After serving the Indian Navy for three decades, INS Viraat was decommissioned from service on Monday. BCCL. Toggle navigation Subscribe E-paper. The handover to INS Vikramaditya was announced in August 2008, allowing the aircraft carrier to serve as the only light aircraft carrier INS Virat to be retired by the Indian Navy. At the time of its retirement, it was the longest-serving warship in the world. Nation Directors, Trustees and Members of the Trust are all unpaid volunteers whose mission is to keep alive the memory of this great ship. At its retirement, INS Viraat was the longest-serving warship in the world. This is what the Defence Ministry has asked the coastal states as it looks for a retirement home for the old war horse. The warship, which is the symbol of India's rich maritime heritage, reached the ship-breaking yard at Alang on the Gujarat coast last week. INS Virat’s retirement deadline was extended to 2010-2012. She is also the longest serving carrier presently in service after the retirement of USS Enterprise CVN-65. The issue with the delays has … Display results as threads The Viratees have retired but their memories of and on INS Viraat are still fresh, and they are transported right back on her deck 04 Oct 2020 8:01 PM ADVERTISEMENT INS Viraat, which served as the flagship of the Indian Navy (IN) for almost three decades from 1987 to 2016, was quietly towed away from her homeport to a Gujarat scrapyard last Saturday. Here are some of the most important events which happened this year. In mid-2016, the Indian Navy will decommission Viraat.To put that in perspective, she will have served for 63 years since her launch date, most of that time as the Royal Navy carrier HMS Hermes. However, INS Vikramaditya is expected to be out of active service for at least eight months for regular maintenance work, according to a report in The Times of India.
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