Our services

"Ozpack provides our manufacturing partners with all the necessary skills and services to manage products from concept through to development, blending, packaging and onto full-service supply chain management."



New product development (NPD) is a high risk activity. The Ozpack team has qualifications and many years of experience in product and packaging development. We offer our customers help in product design, testing and formulation, processing techniques and packaging options.  We help our customers take their products from concept to the consumer.



Ozpack blends multiple dry products and can pack these into 1 tonne bulk bags or pallecons to multiwall bags. All products are sieved into the blender and metal checked out of the blender.





Ozpack has the capability to pack any dry food product into various formats and sizes. From flexible materials for sachets and bags to ridged containers.


Supply Chain

Ozpack offers a full-service supply chain management to our customers. All our customers are required to do is provide a regular forecast and purchase orders. We take care of the rest. We procure the raw materials and packaging, maintain an inventory buffer and manufacture and Deliver-In-Full-On-Time (DIFOT). Our supply chain system is built upon a state of the art Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Our Company philosophy is to "Do it right the first time". This is our fundamental approach to achieving and
maintaining a quality standard that supports our Customer requirements.